The cost of genetic testing varies depending on the test


Gene testing has become all the rage in recent years, and new at-home genetic tests are popping up on the market frequently. With so many options of varying complexity, the real cost of genetic testing takes a wide range. A simple lifestyle genetic test may be under a hundred bucks, while a more complicated and detailed health genetic test (like the ones we offer at 10X Health System) will be more expensive. 


Regardless, we think genetic testing is a worthy investment because you only have to do it once (luckily, your genes aren’t changing once you’re born!). What’s more, depending on the test, you can learn a lot about your health, lifestyle, and even ancestry that can inform how you choose to live your life or care for your health and wellness.


The real question is, what’s it worth to you to know everything about your genes that you need to know?


If you’ve already decided you want to conduct some genetic testing, there are a few key things to consider when picking a brand or type of test you want to take, like what you want to learn from your test, how much detail you want, how intense the testing process is, and how you plan to respond to your results.


What are the different types of genetic tests?


Like most health-based testing, gene tests take many different forms and can tell you different things about your genes depending on the test you select. 


For example, a lifestyle genetic test will look for variations in your DNA to give you general information like what your natural circadian rhythm (how your body perceives day and night) is or how well your body turns food into usable energy. Lifestyle genetic tests are generally the least expensive because they only give you baseline information and aren’t too specific.


On the other hand, an ancestry genetic test will tell you things like where your family came from and what nationalities or ethnicities you are. These types of tests range in cost, again depending on how much detail you’re looking for with your results.


Finally, health and disease genetic tests will analyze your DNA and can tell you things like whether you’re more at risk for developing certain diseases or how your body may respond to certain drugs. These are generally the most expensive because they are looking at a lot of different indicators within your genes to tell you very specific health information.


What does genetic testing entail?


Most at-home genetic tests on the market today work the same way. The provider you choose will send you a test kit to take the test from the comfort of your home. You’ll use the kit to take a small sample of saliva and ship it off to a lab where your sample is processed and analyzed. From there, your results are shared with you! 


Past that, most at-home genetic testing companies stop there, but 10X Health takes it a step further by providing a customized health optimization roadmap and recommending specific health solutions based on your results. 


What type of genetic test does 10X Health System offer?


Our gene tests here at 10X are closest related to a general health and disease test, but we look specifically at enzymes in your DNA and analyze how well (or poorly) your body can translate nutrients into usable forms within your body. 


This is called a methylated genetic test, and it allows us to not only tell you very specific information about your current health but also provide unique actions you can take to improve on your health and optimize your systems, whether that be through supplements or other science-backed solutions.


To dive into the science a little bit more, 10X Health’s methylated genetic tests analyze your body’s methylation cycle, a vital process in the body that helps with detoxification, repairing damage, producing energy, regulating hormones, and more. With all these important functions impacted by the methylation cycle, it’s critical that this process is in tip-top shape, or the consequences could be significant. 



Genetic testing (especially one as detailed and data-backed as 10X Health’s) can be an investment, but we think it’s a worthy investment. You only have to take a gene test once to get insights about your health and come up with the best steps forward simply because your genes don’t change! 


Want to take a deep dive into your health and get actionable insights on how to make your body more efficient and effective? Order your at-home gene test from 10X Health System to get started!

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