Varying Costs of Genetic Tests

Genetic tests can reveal a lot about your body: how it functions, possible gene mutations that could cause disease, and information about your ancestry. The type of genetic test you choose to take really comes down to what you want to learn. The more comprehensive and detailed the test, the more it will most likely cost. 

There are many options to choose from when it comes to genetic testing. Costs vary based on the information you’re provided from the test as well as your needs and wants going into the test. If you only want to learn about your ancestry, the 10X Health Precision Genetic Test probably is not for you. However, if you want to learn the most you can about how your body can function at its best, and how to help it do so, this test is it! 

Deciding to take a genetic test to improve your wellness and be proactive in living the best lifestyle possible is what 10X Health’s Precision Genetic Test is all about. It is one of the most comprehensive genetic tests you can take as it meticulously studies over 50 of the most important genes in the human body. The result of the test is a comprehensive report that unlocks the door to you becoming the best version of yourself! 

10X Health’s Precision Genetic Test

To reach your optimal wellness, you need to figure out exactly what you should be eating, how you should be working out, what supplements work best for your body, and so much more. This information can take years of trial and error to get right, not to mention the cost of trying a lot of different options. 

10X Health’s Precision Genetic Test gives you all of the answers through one quick and easy test, and the test only needs to be done once in your lifetime because your genes don’t change. 

The 10X Health Precision Genetic Test is fast and easy and provides you with the precise information you need to accomplish your wellness goals. The days of trying different workouts, impossible diets, and various supplements are done — all you need is the Precision Test to tell you exactly what will work for your body based on your biology. The cost of the test is $1,299. 

The 10X Health Precision Genetic Test is Worth the Investment

The one-time investment in 10X Health’s Precision Genetic Test is significant at $1,299; however, the information you learn about your body and the recommendations the test uncovers for 10X Health to give to you is priceless. 

The Precision Test will unlock the answer to the question, “What do I need to do to reach my ultimate wellness?”. An extensive report covering everything from how your genes are currently functioning, to a nutrition plan, to what workouts will work best for you, to a weight analysis and weight loss plan, and much more are included with your test results. 

Your nutrition recommendations are based on what your genes tell our experts. In addition to a nutritional plan, 10X Health will create a personalized multivitamin supplement to ensure you’re getting the essential nutrients, in the correct dosage, that you need every day. You’ll know exactly what you should be eating and how much of it you should eat to lose or maintain weight. 

Most genetic tests cost less and will confirm or rule out whether your genes are functioning properly, but that’s where the information comes to an end. They do not provide recommendations or a comprehensive plan to get you on track to your ultimate well-being as 10X Health’s Precision Genetic Test does. 

The extra investment in 10X Health’s Precision Genetic Test provides the most detailed, accurate, and imperative information to know about not only how your genes are functioning but how they can specifically function best for you.

The Benefits of 10X Health Precision Genetic Testing 

If you’re wondering whether the 10X Health Precision Genetic Test is “worth” it, the following benefits should answer your question. The information you receive from taking the test is extensive and basically gives you everything you need to know in order to reach your optimal well-being. Consider these benefits: 

  1. No More Guessing. You will not have to try a new diet or a new workout routine; 10X Health’s Precision test will tell you exactly what food is best for you and what exercises will work. Think about that for a moment… no more wondering or worrying about whether a new trend will work for you. You’ll have all the answers you need to accomplish what you want. 

  2. Not One Size Fits All. 10X Health’s Precision Genetic Test results are yours and yours only because they are based on your genes. A diet or exercise program that works for a friend may actually work against your goals based on your genetics. Knowing exactly what will work best for your body means a customized approach that will get results. 

  3. Data Equals Results. Your genetic data is analyzed by our expert team at 10X Health and determines which supplements you actually need based on genetic breaks and deficiencies. Each multivitamin is personalized based on your health data to ensure you are getting the ideal dose to support optimal cellular health.

    Our weight management supplement is also tailored to your needs. It’s designed to optimize your macronutrient intake by enhancing the absorption of essential nutrients and blocking those that are linked to weight gain. This individualized approach leads to better results. 
  4. Simple and Easy. Not all genetic tests are created equal. 10X Health’s straightforward method of testing takes the guesswork out of genetic testing. You can simply visit the 10X Health website and order your test. The process of testing is simple, and the results are delivered to you in an organized and easy-to-read format. 

The benefits of 10X Health’s Precision Genetic Test are plentiful and make your wellness journey destination a reality. 10X Health takes your expectations for your wellness and provides you with the information to accomplish them. 

10X Health Provides Answers

10X Health’s goal is to help our clients reach their wellness goals and live their most optimal lives. We provide the answers you need by understanding our clients’ bodies, lifestyles, and goals. Figuring out what’s standing in the way of what you want to accomplish is our specialty, and we take it very seriously. 

With our newly revamped genetic test, we can provide the most accurate recommendations for achieving your wellness goals. No other genetic test provides as much information about how you should personally set out to reach your goals. We want you to succeed, and succeed, you will! 

Questions? Reach out to us today! Or, if you’re ready to get started on your path to optimal well-being, order your test from our online shop now. 

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