Questions to ask a hormone specialist

Picking a hormone specialist is a similar process to picking any other doctor or healthcare provider, but there are some nuances of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that require some extra care and attention.

Read on for five key questions to ask a potential provider when considering hormone therapy.

1. Does the provider look at a comprehensive set of labs when making their recommendations?

One of the biggest downfalls of many hormone therapy providers is that they are making recommendations and prescribing doses that are either not enough or way too much for your body’s unique needs. This happens because they aren’t doing their due diligence to fully understand the current state of your health and hormone levels before jumping into treatment. 

When evaluating hormone specialists, make sure that testing is the very first step in the process and that their testing includes a full hormone panel.

2. How much experience does the provider have in prescribing hormone replacement?

HRT is not a new therapy, but it has grown significantly in popularity over the past decade thanks to significant advancements in scientific research and technology. Because of this boom, loads of new providers are coming onto the scene to meet the growing demand. 

Administering hormone therapy that is effective and safe is a skill that can’t be learned without years of hands-on experience working with clients and patients, so it’s absolutely crucial that you pick a provider that already has a proven track record with hormone therapy and can speak to their experience and results.

3. Does the provider take a customized approach that is unique to you and your health?

Personalization is a hot topic in the healthcare field these days, and for good reason. 

People are demanding more from their providers and want to be more intimately involved in decisions about their health, especially when it comes to treatment or management of symptoms.

Some hormone therapy providers take a blanket approach to HRT, meaning each person gets exactly the same dose and same treatment plan as everyone else. This can have some dangerous consequences if individuals are getting too little or too much of the necessary hormones. 

Make sure that the provider is prescribing based on your unique hormone levels, needs, and goals. 

4. Is the prescribed treatment based on precision dosing? 

Along the same lines as personalization, precision dosing is the most important differentiation between effective and safe hormone therapy and steroid therapy

Precision dosing is simply restoring your hormones to normal, optimal levels and not exceeding that standard. By focusing heavily on restoration and not overcompensating, your provider can ensure your body is getting only what it needs to thrive and is not reaching unsafe levels that may bring its own set of symptoms and consequences. 

5. Is there a dedicated point of contact designated to guide you through the journey? 

With how important hormones are to your overall health – and how quickly a hormone imbalance can impact your entire system! – it’s important for you to feel fully understood and supported by your care team throughout your entire treatment journey. 

Some providers will see you once, prescribe treatment, and then leave you to navigate your changing health on your own, but what if something goes wrong? What if something changes? What if you’re not seeing the results you expected? 

A dedicated point of contact – whether that be a nurse, your provider themselves, or another advocate – is more important than you might think when going through hormone therapy treatment. Be sure you have a person to answer your questions, provide advice, and advocate for you when you need them. 

The 10X Health Difference

Here at 10X Health, we understand how important it is to prioritize safe, effective, and highly-personal treatments, especially in the world of hormones. 

Not only do we have years of experience working with clients to optimize their health and wellness through hormone therapy, but we also have a unique process for all clients considering HRT – always starting with comprehensive blood and genetic testing. 

By looking at 64 unique biomarkers and gaining a deep understanding of your symptoms and health history, we can recommend hormone therapy – or one of our other innovative treatments! – that is highly custom to you to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

Want to see how hormone therapy can support you on your journey to 10X health? Contact our team to get started. 

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