“Optimal health is not only the absence of disease but the presence of thriving”

Unless you’ve been on a social media cleanse (or living under a rock) you’ve probably seen Dana White in the news lately touting his miraculous transformation after learning from a genetic and blood test that he had serious health issues that needed to be addressed, despite having three concierge doctors monitoring his health. 

Learning such alarming information is enough to spark action in anyone, and Dana not only took it seriously, but he fully committed 10 weeks to change his lifestyle and even added key wellness treatments to his day-to-day, which led to some life-changing results.

But, what test did he take anyway? Surprise – it’s our 10X Health gene and blood test. By starting with a simple gene test, Dana is now a lifelong advocate for our work.

Genetic and blood testing for health

There are tons of different genetic tests on the market that can tell you anything from food sensitivities to family history and ancestry, but the 10X Health gene test is a methylated gene test, so it tells you something rather unique.

Our gene test evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of your methylation cycle, which is how your body takes nutrients and turns them into forms that can be used by your cells to carry out bodily processes. The methylation cycle is crucial to help your body detox, repair damage, fight diseases, and produce energy, and even a small mutation can throw all of these systems out of whack and have a significant impact on your health and quality of life.

When Dana took 10X Health’s gene test, we were able to analyze major actionable genes in his body and the specific enzymes that were making his body function at a less-than-optimal level. 

Without even knowing it, you may be part of the 44% of the population that has a genetic mutation making it hard to create enough of the gene that powers the methylation cycle, but a simple gene test can open the door to actionable insights to fix this cycle and optimize your health.

But the gene test alone isn’t what made Dana’s experience such an eye-opening and life-saving moment for him. Our gene test combined with our blood test is truly what made the difference in his results, opening the door to his prolonged health and longevity.

Blood testing for health

While our genetic test is a great tool for getting a snapshot of your current health and identifying key areas for improvement, coupling these results with the results of a comprehensive blood test helps us get very granular with recommendations to optimize your health.

Our blood test looks at 68 unique biomarkers and can tell us a wide array of things about your body, like how well your organs are functioning, where you’re deficient in vitamins, and even your current full blood count. We even look at key inflammatory markers rarely considered in traditional blood tests. 

By pairing gene testing with blood testing, your 10X Health team can provide a full evaluation of your health, why you’re encountering specific health challenges, and how to overcome those challenges and ensure your body is not just surviving, but thriving.

You’ll get the most unique view of your optimal health and longevity, which allows us the opportunity to transform your health and your life in a way that is totally unparalleled in the industry. 

Join Dana White in taking control of your health

The power of gene and blood testing is clear, and Dana White is just one case of how expert analysis and a little bit of dedication can completely change your life.

After just 10 weeks of following a customized health routine created specifically from his genes and blood test results, Dana was sleeping better, moving better, losing weight, and feeling less pain than he’s felt in years. 

And now, he’s sharing his story in hopes that others will find the same success he’s found.

Ready to see how our blood and gene testing can help you 10X your health and ensure your body thrives? Our team is ready to help you every step of the way! Order your at-home gene test and schedule your appointment for blood testing today.

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