The growth of the health & wellness industry is massive

The health and wellness industry has been booming in the past several decades as more and more people are taking their health more seriously. With growing popularity (and a growing industry valuation, too), folks without proper training and experience are trying to take a bite out of the market, leading to a lot of unsafe treatments.

With so many sketchy IV therapy clinics popping up all around the US, an important question we’ve seen a lot in this space is who can actually administer IV therapy, and how can they do so safely? 

The safety of the individuals we treat is the top priority at 10X Health, and we only work with highly-skilled (and certified!) providers, but we think it’s important for potential patients to be asking this question no matter where they go, so let’s dive further into IV therapy and talk a little about who’s actually able to administer this treatment.

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is the administration of fluids into your bloodstream intravenously, using a small flexible tube connected to a bag often filled with a customized blend of vitamins, nutrients, and medication. You may have had an IV before if you’ve ever had surgery, given birth, or been sick with dehydration in the hospital, and today’s IV therapy clinics use the same, well-known, and well-studied technique in their treatments.

More specifically to 10X Health, IV therapy is used to aid in restoring, replenishing, and rehydrating your body through fluids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients mixed specifically with your health needs or deficiencies in mind. IV therapy is the fastest way to give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive and is much easier to control dosage and outcomes than an oral supplement. 

Who can administer IV therapy?

Now we get to the real question: who can actually administer IV therapy? The short answer: not just anybody.

IV therapy, like any other medical intervention or treatment, requires technique, experience, training, and, in many cases, lawful certification to administer the treatment safely. 

Who is actually allowed to administer IV therapy depends widely on the state, but in general, IV therapy must be overseen (and, in some states, even prescribed) by a licensed physician, but it can be actually administered by a few other licensed individuals, like a registered nurse (RN).

The provider or business providing IV therapy as a service must be certified and licensed by the state in order to provide treatment safely to patients, and these license processes are often rigorous for the safety of the community. 

Is IV therapy safe?

We get this question all the time, and it’s a valid one! IVs are placed in thousands of folks daily in hospitals, and they have very few risks or potential issues when placed by a certified professional. 

If you’re considering IV therapy, make sure you’re booking a treatment with a certified practice (like 10X Health) and that the individual administering the therapy is certified, as well. Any reputable provider will be willing and able to provide background on the practitioner and certifications required to administer IV therapy. Also, think about things like where the fluids and “cocktails” are being stored and if medical sanitation and sterilization practices are used while administering the treatment.

Our team here at 10X Health has years of experience with these treatments and is skilled at safely placing IVs and administering therapy. What’s more, we genuinely care about providing our patients with a holistic health and wellness experience beyond just a single treatment or appointment, so we are invested in your health journey as much as you are. Treatment is only the beginning of the healing journey, which is why, on top of using only highly-effective and results-based medicine, we use precision dosing and ongoing treatment support to ensure a positive experience for all our clients.

Ready to restore, replenish, and rehydrate your body through an IV therapy treatment? Our trusted team of experts is now booking IV drips in Scottsdale, AZ, and Aventura, FL! Book your appointment online, and let our 10X team bring the vital minerals and nutrients your body needs, right to your door.

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