“The presence of oxygen is the absence of disease”

If you’re familiar with 10X Health, you’ve probably heard us use this phrase (coined by our Co-Founder, Gary Brecka) before, and we think it’s a powerful way to showcase just how important oxygen is to our overall health. Sure, we are all fully aware that oxygen is necessary for life, but not many people know why oxygen is such an important part of life and the ways it contributes to our health – outside of just keeping us alive, of course. 

Contrary to popular belief, oxygen is only a part of the air we breathe, but it is the most vital part because it is the fuel for nearly every process in the human body and within our cells. When we breathe oxygen from the air, it moves through the respiratory system until it reaches the lungs, where it is then passed into the bloodstream to be used by our cells to create energy. 

Once inside our bodies, oxygen is responsible for fueling key processes like building new cells, creating energy, fighting infections, and more. 

As it stands today, you’re probably getting enough oxygen to sustain your life, but a higher concentration of oxygen could help your body perform at a higher level. This is where Exercise with Oxygen Training (EWOT) can be a powerful tool in your overall health and wellness. 

What is Exercise with Oxygen Training? 

EWOT is the process of exercising while creating an oxygen-rich environment within your body to encourage better absorption of oxygen and to more effectively move oxygen through the body to your cells. When you exercise, your heart rate increases, which also increases the rate at which blood circulates through the body, and when we add a high level of oxygen into the mix, the blood is able to use that oxygen right away and transfer it quickly throughout the body. 

At10X Health, we leverage innovative technology to offer EWOT to our clients looking to increase circulation, improve cellular function, boost healing, and restore their bodies and their health. 

You’ll start by strapping on an oxygen mask which feeds 93% oxygen air into your body as you breathe while simultaneously blocking room air from entering your lungs and filtering out CO2 as you exhale. When ready, you’ll then do some light exercise to get the blood pumping and allow your cells to soak in all the new oxygen being inhaled. 

EWOT can be an effective health and wellness therapy in a lot of situations, but its benefits apply to nearly anyone with any health and wellness goals, including: 

  • Improved athletic performance
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Improved circulation
  • Stronger immune system
  • Enhanced brain function
  • Better, deeper sleep 

In addition to the longer-term effects EWOT may have on your overall health and bodily function after treatment, many people like that EWOT can improve workout quality during treatment by allowing you to push your body harder and potentially lessen recovery time post-workout. 

Maximize the power of oxygen through Superhuman Protocol

EWOT alone can be very beneficial to our health and our bodies, but when sandwiched between PEMF therapy and red light therapy, the effects are amplified even further. 

PEMF, EWOT, and red light make up the three-step process called Superhuman Protocol, which we offer to clients here at 10X Health. Superhuman Protocol is a unique and innovative wellness treatment that harnesses the powers of magnetism, oxygen, and light to provide complete cellular restoration in just 38 minutes. Each step in the Protocol builds on the previous and can maximize the impact of each individual therapy.

First, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) are pumped into your body, which prompts your cells to flow freely and more effectively generate energy from within them. Then, EWOT feeds those newly free-flowing cells with high levels of oxygen that they can absorb and use in cellular functions. Finally, red light therapy further promotes this oxygen absorption and even forces our cells to release waste and toxins to make more room for oxygen to work its magic from the inside out. 

If you’re ready to transform your wellness routine with EWOT, why not give the Superhuman Protocol a try? Book your first appointment at 10X Health in Aventura, FL, today. 

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