10X your wellness during pregnancy

If you’ve ever known a pregnant woman (or been pregnant yourself!), you’re probably familiar with the intensive health and wellness care required during pregnancy. After all, growing another human is no easy feat! 

Regular exams, prenatal vitamins, and an overall healthy diet and exercise routine are all important parts of a healthy pregnancy, and women with an already thorough wellness regimen are already set up for success when and if they get pregnant. But, for women who have not traditionally focused as heavily on their health and wellness, pregnancy is a great time to start! 

One of the questions we get from clients on occasion is if IV therapy is safe during pregnancy. Surprisingly, IV therapy is not only safe, but it can offer a wide variety of wonderful benefits to pregnant women and can even provide benefits to fetuses, too.

What is IV therapy, and is it safe?

IV therapy (sometimes called an IV drip) is a health and wellness treatment that involves the intravenous administration of fluids and nutrients to your body. Because vitamins and minerals administered via IV fluids don’t need to go through the digestive system as they would with oral supplements, your body can immediately use the nutrients in your IV drip. It’s also much easier to provide a controlled dose specifically calculated for your body.

Safety for our clients is our top priority and, because of our expertise and processes, we’re not only able to offer care that’s extremely safe, but we also deliver real positive outcomes through personalized treatment. In the case of pregnant women, we work closely with our clients to help them weigh the risks and benefits of IV therapy before starting treatment, as well.

Overall, though, IV therapy is generally safe for healthy individuals when administered by a licensed, experienced professional (like the team at 10X Health!).

How does IV therapy support pregnant women?

As fetuses grow, ensuring the mother’s good health becomes more important the closer she comes to term. IV therapy provides a lot of great benefits to pregnant women specifically, making it a great addition to prenatal wellness.

More specifically, IV therapy can help address critical vitamin deficiencies by administering controlled doses of those vitamins to your bloodstream. Vitamins A, B, C, and D (among others) are very important to a healthy pregnancy, and, when you’re sharing your nutrients with a fetus, it’s easy to become deficient in them. 

Additionally, IV therapy is an effective treatment for chronic fatigue, which many people experience during pregnancy. By boosting vitamin levels and replenishing electrolytes, you can regain important energy and battle any accompanying body aches or pains.

IV therapy can also help you rehydrate if you suffer from morning sickness or migraines during pregnancy.

How does IV therapy help a healthy baby grow?

Outside of providing hydration and electrolytes to a growing fetus, there are several crucial vitamins and minerals that fetuses need to grow into happy and healthy babies, like Calcium and Vitamin D for bone growth, iron and folic acid to prevent anemia, and Vitamin B to prevent preterm birth. By administering these vitamins intravenously to the mother, the fetus is more likely to receive the proper amount of those vitamins it needs to grow.

While there are always risks and benefits to weigh when considering any medical treatment – and it’s important to double-check with your doctor before doing anything during pregnancy – IV therapy is not only safe but can be beneficial when you’re expecting.

Whether you’re a longtime IV therapy advocate or are looking for a more efficient and effective way to get the nutrients your body needs to thrive, our friendly team at 10X Health is ready to provide a safe and comfortable experience for you! Book your appointment online in Scottsdale, AZ or Aventura, FL to get started!

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