Trust and experience are crucial when choosing a healthcare provider

With how personal and important our health is to our daily lives, selecting a healthcare provider for any particular need should be thorough and thoughtful. After all, this individual will be intimately involved in helping you to reach your health goals.

As you would with any healthcare provider, selecting the right provider for hormone replacement therapy should be a thorough process, and prioritizing experience and personalization is key to maximizing care quality and, ultimately, results from your treatment.

What is hormone replacement therapy?

As women age, natural levels of estrogen decline over time, which can lead to some of the unpleasant symptoms we associate with menopause – hot flashes, more fragile bones, and general dryness or discomfort. Estrogen plays a key role in a few reproductive processes in a woman’s body, like regulating menstrual cycles and maintaining an ideal environment for pregnancy, so when levels decrease, menopause begins.

Hormone replacement therapy helps to replenish your body’s estrogen levels to combat menopausal symptoms. By replacing the missing hormone in your body, your system can return to its optimal state. 

HRT can be administered in a few different ways, including via oral supplements, patches, creams, or even rings, and the best administration method for you will depend on your lifestyle and the specific dosage you need.

How to pick a hormone replacement therapy provider

Hormone replacement therapy is a very particular treatment, and not just any medical professional or health clinic can administer it safely and with any significant positive result. Think about it this way, you would probably seek out a cardiologist for heart-related conditions and an oncologist to diagnose and treat cancer, so why should hormone therapy be any different? 

If you’re of menopausal age and are considering HRT, it’s crucial to pick a provider that will support you through this very personal process, and 10X Health has years of combined expertise in this space, allowing us to be not only a resource but an advocate for you through the entire process.

Some things to consider when researching providers before selecting the best one for you include:

  • Does the provider offer comprehensive hormone testing to ensure HRT is a good fit for you, and can they analyze your hormone levels thoroughly and effectively?
  • Does the provider offer precision dosing to ensure you’re getting just the right amount of estrogen to equalize your hormone levels?
  • How does the provider administer HRT, and does that administration method fit your lifestyle?
  • Is there frequent testing and reevaluation happening throughout treatment to allow adjustments based on your body’s unique response to treatment?
  • Does the provider take a personalized approach to your care, and are they available throughout treatment to support your needs?

The 10X Health difference

With testing being the key to determining if HRT is right for you, it’s important that the provider you select can accurately test and analyze your hormone levels to ensure you get the right dosage for your HRT treatments, and our gene test is about as comprehensive as you can get!

We are also just as dedicated to your health journey as you are, and we aim to provide support and guidance throughout your treatment. Our dedicated Wellness Concierges will guide you through your treatment journey and become a lasting point of contact for anything you may need.

Since the symptoms of menopause don’t stop forever after one round of HRT, we are in it for the long haul and recommend treatments that will lead to improvements in your health holistically, not just as it relates to your hormones.

Whether you think you need HRT or not, it’s important to choose a provider that will help you through the entire process, from hormone testing to analysis to treatment.

If you think HRT may help you better manage the symptoms of menopause and want to learn more, why not start with a comprehensive blood or gene test from 10X Health and let our team create a customized health plan? Learn more today

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