Genetic Test

Our revolutionary genetic testing allows you to discover exactly how to optimize your body so you can build customized wellness solutions based on your unique individual DNA.

Discover Exactly what your body needs

It’s time to decode your genes. Or simply put, find out what genes are functioning and what genes are not…

Our revolutionary genetic testing (otherwise known as methylation testing) provides you with the most comprehensive snapshot of your body’s health. We do this by analyzing the major actionable genes in the human body and identifying what specific enzymes are affecting your day-to-day function…

This is all based on your genes specifically. It’s just one test that will show you exactly how your genes operate, what areas need improvement and a roadmap on how to optimize it.

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10X Health System’s Gene Testing Process

Step 1
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Step 1

At Home Testing

We will send you a kit and instructions on how to do your test. No needles, just a cotton swab. The entire tests takes just a few minutes.

Step 2
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Step 2

Expert Analysis

Our experts will review the results of your gene test and provide you with a report, along with recommendations, based on what your DNA tells us.

Step 3
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Step 3

Personal Supplement Protocol

We will help you best understand not only where you are at now, but what your body has the potential to become.

After my family all took our gene tests, everything made sense. We’re no longer lumped into a general category of one size fits all health care… We’re finally able to operate optimally at 10X levels mentally and physically!



What is 10X Health?

Do you have the most common Mutation?

44% of the population has the first genetic mutation. Chances are good that means you do too. But, you wont know for sure until you order a genetic test and get your results. 

Most common symptoms of deficiencies

Have you experienced: anxiety, depression, poor sleep, gut issues, weight gain, brain fog, high blood pressure, thyroid probles, or weight gain? These are some of the most common symptoms of people with the first genetic mutation.

But wait, there are 5 main genetic cycles

The first genetic cycle we look at is called the 5-MTHF gene. This is the first stage in how your body breaks down and uses what you put into it. But, we test for mutations in all 5 main genes that make sure your body is working properly and keeping you at optimal health levels.

What that means in layman's terms

This methylation cycle is a process the human body goes through to take raw nutrients and convert it to something your body can actually use. This cycle is vital to detoxification, repairing damage, energy levels, hormone levels, and overall immune and nervous syste health.

Symptoms don't have to define you

There is a long list of symptoms and ailments that you might experience because of these genetics mutations and malfunctions. But, with today’s science, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can actually improve your genetic functions with our revolutionary test and supplement protocols.

How do I get started?

With this easy and straightforward at home test, we can not only show you what issues you could be having at a genetic level, but we can create a customized plan based entirely on your unique DNA and genetic sequence, allowing it to function the way it should. All you have to do is order a test and get started. 

Grant Cardone

For the past decade, I have researched alternatives to surgery, medication, and one-size-treats-all supplements. I was in daily chronic pain and now, at 64, I am in the best shape of my life. I am free of pain, anxiety, stress, and I am able to accomplish more than any other time in my life.

Grant Cardone

Genetic Testing

Our revolutionary genetic testing allows you to discover exactly how to optimize your body so that you can find solutions to your health and wellness based on your own DNA. Do you ever wonder what happens to the food and drink you put inside your body? These are the raw materials that your cells use to give you energy, help you focus, and repair and rebuild so that you can operate at your optimal levels.

Did you know that most people are actually operating at 50-60% of their full health potential? That is because many people have malfunctions in the way their bodies process raw materials at a genetic level. By taking this test we can identify those genetic mutations and create a customized supplement protocol to help replenish the nutrients that you are deficient in, leading to 100% optimal health and wellness.